Feng Shui

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The different feng shui techniques help to balance energies, create pleasant sensations and well-being. When spaces are balanced, life flows harmoniously and man becomes happier, healthier and more financially stable.

Feng Shui allows you to harmonise, balance and enhance the energies of the spaces and stimulate the inhabitants to achieve certain goals, in health, relationships, prosperity, wealth, studies, professional life, social recognition and much more… The dwelling/space is a reflection of the people who live in it. Feng Shui studies the way energy flows in a space and how it affects and interacts with the inhabitants. It is based on the principle of “the 5 transformations”. These 5 elements of nature: Water, Tree, Fire, Soil and Metal, are integrated amongst themselves, complement each other, form a cycle in balance (yin and yang) and can be inserted in colours, shapes, materials, identifying body organs, family members, sectors, etc… This art can be applied at any stage in the life of a space/house/work/inhabitant. (study phase, design, construction, and use)