Quinta de Fontelo

Vouzela - Portugal
Habitational Tourism
347 m2
João Morgado (photo)

An unfinished building, with an outstanding location in the and set in a farm with exceptional natural heritage.

This building would later become the starting point, composed of an outdoor swimming pool, a support bar and other future projects of a larger complex destined for tourism, taking advantage of the natural conditions and the infrastructures initiated by it.



It was soon realised that the built-up area was not sufficient for the intended programme and it would be necessary to enlarge the existing volume. This extension was seen as an opportunity to give the building a contemporary architectural language, as well as an opening to the exterior of an initially closed volume.

The wooden body appears at first floor level on the facade of the of the bedrooms, allowing the creation of balconies that serve as connection between the interior and the landscape that extends to the mountains. This volume embraces and contours the initial construction, announcing the entrance, ending oriented towards the arrival path.